Visiting Author Reine Dibussi will be at ASOY on April 23

Reine Dibussi is a young and talented Cameroonian illustrator, born in 1986. After five years of studies in drawing, painting and sculpture in France, she came back to Cameroon in 2015. In 2017, she published the graphic novel, Mulatako.
"My comic book Mulatako (Union), first chapter Immersion, just came out and here are some things you need to know about it !
First of all drawing is my passion ! When I finally decided to make a living out of it, I applied to an art school. And after that it was all about writing and drawing meaningful, beautiful stories. 
I put everything I liked the most in this story : African mythology, mystery, science-fiction, strong and diverse characters, colorful images, action and drama. That’s how Mulatako was made ! 
I hope you’ll buy it and like the story of Jemea and her friends. For the moment, the printed version is in French only but I’m currently working on an English digital version, which will be available soon. 
I’m on a journey to turn this comic book of four chapters into an animated movie and such projects require readers, artists and financial partners. So I truly hope you’ll be part of that adventure ! "