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Welcome to the ASOY community and our Primary Years Program (PYP).


NadineAlmost 500 schools offer the PYP program around the world and about 2,200 IB schools exist. In the AEM (Africa, Europe and Middle East) region there is one full continuum IB school and it is called ASOY. If you are reading this here you must already be part of our community or are considering joining it. Then, let’s discover more about the PYP and how it is developed at ASOY.

Inside this large IB family, the PYP programme is a “young sibling” born in 1997 and is due to celebrate its silver jubilee in 2022.


At ASOY, the PYP has been implemented since March 2018 with the aim of adopting a constructivist learner-centred approach. As a continuum school offering the MYP and DP programs too, we make sure to keep alive four crucial IB common understandings, in multiple forms and ways.


These commonalities from all IB programmes are:

*International mindedness

*10 Learner profile attributes

*Broad conceptually connected curriculum 

*Approaches to teaching and learning skills 


If the PYP at ASOY was to be described based on our implementations but also aspirations, we would say that what we value as a team is:

*child-centred learning

*conceptually-driven inquiries

*collaborations of teachers and students  


Since the PYP (and all other IB programmes) is constantly reviewed and revamped based on recent research and data, we keep abreast of any changes or programme updates by using the MyIB platform on this site.


We constantly discuss and review our actions and decisions with open-mindedness and curiosity but also keep the IB standards and practices in mind. Daily, our guiding principles are the 3 pillars of the PYP curriculum framework which are graphically represented below:

At ASOY we value and attempt to develop individuals who drive, grow or redirect passions, motivations and determination to achieve their goals.




To top the holistic approach of PYP off, we are fortunate that ASOY is a remarkable school providing a unique opportunity for children of all ages to learn, grow, and develop in a safe and supportive environment. The relatively small size of the school allows for a family atmosphere to linger over campus and for a warm, open, and friendly community feeling amongst all staff, students, and parents. At ASOY, we value diversity and we operate an inclusive learning environment for our students.


Furthermore, another strength of ASOY lies in the open relationship between home and school.  As the first teachers of their children, parents are seen as partners and are welcome to contribute by involvement in the education of their children. We encourage a continuous open dialogue between home and school enabling an as holistic view as possible on the students for the benefit of everybody involved in the children’s lives. We welcome volunteers such as class parents, reading parents, guest speakers, and other volunteers. If you are interested, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher directly.   


Warmest Regards,


Nadine Boribon