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Welcome to the ASOY community and our Primary Years Program (PYP).

We are today educating children for a future we yet do not know. Skills needed to adapt to the many rapid changes happening around us are adaptability, flexibility, agency, creativity, research, communication, negotiation, and critical thinking skills. Moreover, information can easily be retrieved by the click of a mouse, thus factual knowledge is not deemed as important as when many of us went to school. We do not need to stuff passive little humans full of knowledge and facts that “might be useful one day”. Instead, we need to provide our children with an ability to think outside of the box and to innovate. A resourceful citizen of today possesses the capability of planning, organizing, prioritizing, and using knowledge and skills retrieved responsibly and productively. Furthermore, we have to be able to sort through and critically analyze masses of information, as well as make informed choices. We need communication and collaboration skills enabling us to productively as well as respectfully solve conflicting interests and strive forwards, both individually and collectively in whatever undertakings we endeavor.  


For ideas on what employers look at in graduates of today, please see this link.


Graduates today


IB’s Primary Years Program (PYP) lays an excellent foundation for these skills. In PYP we provide opportunities for student agency by unlocking the students’ current and future potential, the end goal being that they will be responsible, resourceful, and caring global citizens.


  • PYP offers a curriculum that seeks to foster life-long learners through a student-centered and inquiry-driven approach
  • PYP is an approach to learn to think critically about facts and information retrieved. “Understanding requires knowledge, but goes beyond it.” / Ron Ritchhart
  • PYP does not disregard the importance of facts and skills, however, does not emphasize drilling facts or rote learning at the expense of critical and creative thinking skills
  • Where ever possible, PYP makes authentic connections to other subject disciplines (interdisciplinary teaching and learning). However, authentic connections cannot always be made and, in these cases, weak connections will not be forced
  • PYP works conceptually with big overarching ideas (Key Concepts and Related Concepts). Students are encouraged to consider the context in which they will use their understanding. It gives real-world relevance to content knowledge and skills
  • The rigor of PYP provides learning within a meaningful context to enable students to connect and apply their learning to real-life situations (Taking Action)
  • PYP differentiates instruction to suit the current and ever-changing student body in the classroom. No two children are exactly alike, therefore we do not use textbooks. Rather, the instruction in the classroom needs to reflect the diversity in prior knowledge, skills, exposure to - and understanding of - different subject areas or disciplines
  • PYP promotes International Mindedness through the cultivation of the IB Learner Profile attributes. Students work on these, daily, in the PYP classrooms
  • PYP is not a one-size-fits-all curriculum approach, rather it is a framework within which other curricula may fit in. At ASOY we are looking to marry IB PYP with American AERO Common Core


“The International Baccalaureate aims to aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.” (from IB mission statement)


For more information on IB and PYP, please refer to:




To top the holistic approach of PYP off, we are fortunate that ASOY is a remarkable school providing a unique opportunity for children of all ages to learn, grow, and develop in a safe and supportive environment. The relatively small size of the school allows for a family atmosphere to linger over campus and for a warm, open, and friendly community feeling amongst all staff, students, and parents. At ASOY, we value diversity and we operate an inclusive learning environment for our students.

Furthermore, another strength of ASOY lies in the open relationship between home and school.  As the first teachers of their children, parents are seen as partners and are welcome to contribute by involvement in the education of their children. We encourage a continuous open dialogue between home and school enabling an as holistic view as possible on the students for the benefit of everybody involved in the children’s lives. We welcome volunteers such as class parents, reading parents, guest speakers, and other volunteers. If you are interested, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher directly.   





Warmest Regards,