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Careers Development

ASOY offers a dedicated resource within the school that supports and guides students regarding their future education, career choices, and personal development. The primary purpose of our career development is to help students make informed decisions about their academic and vocational paths beyond high school.


Our University Guidance Councilor works with students individually or in group settings to help them explore their interests, strengths, and goals. We provide guidance on potential career paths, college majors, and vocational training programs.


We assist students with the college application process. This includes helping them research colleges, prepare application materials, and explore financial aid and scholarship opportunities.



To contact our College Guidance Councilor, please email:

Ms. Jennifer Glittenberg


Careers Day

Careers Day at ASOY is designed to expose students to a variety of potential career paths and provide them with information about different professions and industries. We always invite many professional parents and count on their kind support every year to speak to our students about their careers and businesses. We typically invite an array of different parent professionals to ensure we cover the most desired topic of interest for our students.


These lectures help students explore their interests, gain insight into the world of work, and make more informed decisions about their future careers.


University Fairs

University fairs in schools play a crucial role in helping students make informed decisions about their higher education choices, explore various options, and take the first steps toward their academic and career goals. They provide a valuable opportunity for students to gather information, ask questions, and connect with representatives from different institutions. For this reason, our school has been holding more fairs and visits to Universities on our campus.


College/University Acceptances