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Canteen Services




The Parrot canteen is located at the back of the school near the swimming pool and sports court. The parrot canteen serves the school lunch and provides food and drinks for student and staff events. The opening hours for the canteen are below:


Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 4:00pm

Saturday - 10:00am to 3:00pm



School Lunch Orders


Parents can sign students up for a school lunch annually, each semester, quarterly or by month.


If students would like to try out the lunch and order daily they can use a Lunch *Chit Card. The chit cards can be purchased at the Business Office payment window (near Ms Suzy's desk in the reception area).


chit lunch

Lunch Chit cards are valued at 17,500 cfa (for Pre K4), 22,500 cfa (for ES) and 28,000 cfa (for MS and HS). Each time a student has lunch it is marked off on their chit card.


Elementary Lunch is ordered each day in class through the class teacher. The students inform the class teacher if they are having a school lunch or a packed lunch from home. In the MS and HS students need to order lunch before 9 am. A lunch order can be either the scheduled school lunch or a dish from the Parrot's menu.


The Parrot monthly menu is published on the school website. Each week an email is sent to remind parents and students of the weekly menu. On occasions, daily emails are sent as a reminder.


School Snack


The Parrot Canteen operates using the *Chit Card system for snacks. Chit cards are the only method of payment accepted when purchasing snacks. There are three valued cards, 3,000cfa, 5,000cfa and 10,000cfa. These can be purchased from the Business Office payment window (near Ms Suzy's desk in the reception area). Once a purchase has been made the value is discounted from the card and so on till the card is finished.



chit snack


Students in the Elementary school are to bring a snack from home. Students in Elementary are unable to buy snacks from the Parrot Canteen throughout the school day. The only exception to this rule is when after-school activities begin and Elementary students may purchase snacks.


Students in the Middle School and Upper School are able to purchase snacks throughout the day using the Chit card.


For more information regarding the Lunch procedures please reach out to Mr Raymond Tchonang our Canteen Operations manager [email protected] 


*Please note all Chit cards are non-transferable at the end of each academic year.