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To get a summary of our Athletics seasons for 2022-2023, kindly view our "at a glance" video.

ASOY is well known locally in Cameroon and internationally in the West Africa International Schools Activities League (WAISAL) conference as a sports powerhouse. Most importantly, is creating a supportive learning environment that focuses on individual skill development, cooperation, and teamwork. At ASOY, we value a competitive environment but understand sportsmanship comes before winning.


Our ASOY Parrots placed first in more than a couple of tournaments in the last few years, most notably winning WAISAL Boys' Basketball three times in a row. In 2020, ASOY sent teams to Nigeria, Senegal and Douala, after 2019 winning in Ghana, and in 2018 in Ivory Coast.


In 2022-23, we will offer a variety of WAISAL team sports. Each team has an eight-week practice period. They have the opportunity to participate and play with local schools/clubs as a part of team practice and exposure to competitive game situations. Our teams compete in the WAISAL competition at the end of the season and travel to different WAISAL school locations.


There is no online sign-up for WAISAL team sport. You show up at the start of the season for tryouts. Throughout the season, you must be committed and responsible. Your focus, perseverance, and coachability will increase your chances of making it to the ASOY team.


At the end of the year, we will hold an award ceremony for all sports to recognize our coaches and players. Parents will be an integral part of this ceremony. 


High School

Season 1 (Sept-Nov) - Swimming and Volleyball

Season 2 (Nov-Feb) - Basketball

Season 3 (Feb-April) - Soccer and MUN


Middle School

Season 1 (Sept-Nov) - Swimming

Season 3 (March-May) - Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer



CONGRATULATIONS to our HS Girl's Volleyball team


WINNERS of the WAISAL 2022 Tournament and Sportsmanship award.

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