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Children spend roughly 25% of their time in school, and ASA coordinators work to expand learning opportunities through after school programs. After school programs provide academic and enrichment activities in the hours following the school day. 


After-school programs are fun, safe places for children to learn new skills, try new learning, and make new friends. Children can learn new skills they can transfer and apply in their everyday lives by participating in different programs. ASA programs are not only entertaining but they are also packed with unique and exciting learning opportunities.


Students who attend and participate in after-school programs have more opportunities to connect with other children, which improves their social skills. This sense of belonging and community is important to a child's mental health, physical health, and well-being.


The ASOY ASA program provides students with a variety of activities to help them develop their physical, mental, social, and cognitive skills. Our high school students have the opportunity to lead an activity and work as young adults. They improve their understanding of the subject and pass on their knowledge and skills to their younger peers.


Students will have a more personalized and enjoyable learning experience thanks to our trained staff members who are ready to spare extra time for students' overall growth.


Please use the links to learn more about the ASA offerings. You can also register your child using the links.


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