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Welcome to the ASOY After School Activities Program:

Season 1 ASAs for both elementary and secondary will end on November 15th. Season 2  ASA's will begin November 19th.

Below please find the Season 2 ASA schedule for both elementary and secondary school. Please review carefully with your child. 


Students with outstanding ASA payment balance will not be enrolled in any ASAs until accounts are settled. Please contact the accounts office for further inquiries. (


Below are the links for the sign up form. These link will be active from Monday, November 5th 5:30pm to Friday, November 9th 5:30 pm.

Elementary ASA sign up (season 2)


 Secondary ASA Sign up (season 2) 

Please Contact Ms. Coles (Athletics and Activities Director) or Mr.Ndjouma (ES Activities Coordinator) for more information. Maurice Ndjouma

Season 2 ASA

Season 2 ASAs will run from November 19th through to February 21st with no activities on school holidays.








PAID- After School Care- Ms. Florence

PAID- After School Care- Ms. Florence

PAID- After School Care- Ms. Florence

PAID- After School Care- Ms. Florence

2:30- 3:15


Cameroonian dance- Ms. Helen

PAID- Swimming Pool

PAID- gymnastics MPR

Elementary K-5







Girls Soccer (3-5) - Mr. Ngalim. Field

Boys Soccer (3-5) Mr. Nyugha Field

Girls Soccer (3-5) - Mr. Ngalim. Field

Boys Soccer (3-5) Mr. Nyugha Field


Capoeira- (k-2) Mr. DaSilva GYM

Gymnastics Team- (Advanced only) MPR

Claymation (k-5) Mr. Bush Rm 7

Inside Play (3-5) Ms. Ulmer Rm 10

Swim Team- Landry & Manasses Pool

Choir-Mr. Harper (grade 1-5) Music RM

Swim Team- Landry & Manasses Pool

Swim Team- Landry & Manasses Pool

Board Games in French (3-8) Ms Demoor Rm 115

Computer skills/word processing (3-5) Ms Ligon Computer lab

Arts & crafts(3-5) Ms Badri Rm 6

Yoga (3-5) Mr Beh Rm 11

Cup/Speed stacking (k-5) Ms Persson Rm 121

Story Art- Ms. Caso (k-2) Rm 9


Art (4-8) Ms. Bailey Rm 6

Cards & Games (4-8) Ms. Parris Rm 4


PAID Tennis (k-5) Top Courts

PAID- Swim lessons (k-5) Pool

PAID- Gymnastics Beginner MPR

PAID- Zumba (k-5) Rm 29

PAID Judo (k-5) MPR

PAID Tennis (k-5) Top Courts

PAID- Karate (k-5) Rm 29

PAID- Gymnastics Intermediate MPR

Soccer 3-5 requires a commitment to BOTH days. Students who only sign up for one session will be removed from the activity.

*Please see activity description below for more details about each activity.

Secondary (Grades 6-12)






Secondary - ASA

STUCO- Ms. Mekemme, Mr. Gamble RM 113

NHS- Ms. Pondi, Ms. Phillips Rm 111

GISS- Ms. Nefertiti Rm120

MUN- Mr. Gamble Rm 121

3:20- 4:10

Board Games in French (3-8) Ms Demoor Rm 115

Coding- Ms. Guedes Rm 123

African drumming (6-12)- Ms. Proffit Music Rm

Jam Band- Mr. Coles Rm 112

Cards & Games (4-8) Ms. Parris Rm 4

Digital photo(9-12) Ms. Welander Rm 5

Pathfinder (ELL only)- Mr Coles Rm 112

Math Club/ Math counts- Mr. Kissi Rm 124

Sports and Games on Monday's Ms. Nefertiti RM 120

Choir- Mr. Harper (6-12) Music Rm

Capoeira- (6-8) Mr. DaSilva GYM

Art (4-8) Ms. Bailey Rm 6

Chef's Club (CAS) Ms Phillips Rm

Gymnastics Team- (Advanced only) MPR

Girls Empowerment (CAS)  Ms.Boussiere's Rm

Yearbook- Ms D. & Ms Nefertiti Computer Lab

Mural Art (CAS) Ms. Welander's Rm

Academic support- Ms Block Rm 121

AMFO (CAS) Mr. Kissi RM 124

Academic support- Mr. Pennypacker Rm 119


IT (CAS) Mme Pondi's Rm

Secondary Athletics

MS- Volleyball- (Ms. Byron & Ms. Coles)

MS/HS Swim Team- (Ms. Coles)

MS- Volleyball- (Ms. Byron & Ms. Coles)

MS/ HS Swim Team- (Ms. Coles)



HS Boys Basketball (Mr. Doig)


HS Boys Basketball (Mr. Doig)


HS Girls Basketball (Ms. Wilson


HS Girls Basketball (Ms. Wilson)

Paid ASAs:

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday activities- 10 sessions each (20,000 CFA for the season)

Wednesdays- 11 sessions (22,000 CFA for the season)

Activity Description:

Grades 3-5 Soccer: Twice a week commitment to a team sport. Students MUST attend both practices. Teams will be training on the fundamentals of soccer, teamwork and sportsmanship

Swim Team (Tryouts): Swim team is open to all past ASOY swim team members and those who pass the tryouts (swimmer must be able to swim NON-STOP, one lap of the pool, down and back, doing freestyle and one lap doing breaststroke). Swimmers may chose to attend one, two or three times a week. Tryouts are available on Monday Nov. 5th at the pool 3:20-4:00pm.

Gymnastics: There are three different levels for gymnastics. Students currently in gymnastics will be instructed by the coaches for which level to register. If you are not sure of your level be see either Ms. Coles or the Gymnastics teachers for a placement check.

PAID Beginners Gymnastics- For those that are still learning fundamentals. Students will be learning rolls, handstands, cartwheels, backbends and other basics.

PAID Intermediate gymnastics- For those that can perform fundamentals on their own with proper technique. They will work on roundoffs, back and front walkovers, backhandsprings. They will also be moving more skills to the beam.

Gymnastics team (tryouts)- Advanced gymnastics. Student have experience with following skills, back/front walkover, back/front handsprings, ariels, roundoff back handspring. Student will be working to improve form and work on more advanced skill like flips/somersaults and bringing skills to the beam.

Choir: Choir will be a mixed level group. We will sing, play instruments and work towards a spring performance.

Capoeira (limit 12): Capoeira is an Afro- Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, music and Portuguese language basics.

In this ASA students will be working on balance, teamwork, self control and respect.

Claymation (limit 12- priority to those not enrolled first season): Stop-motion animation with the iMotion application. Learners will use clay, Legos, and other materials to create their films.

Story Art (limit 12):For students in kindergarten through second grade, Story Art we will read aloud a classic children's book each week, and follow up with an arts and crafts activity centered around the theme of the story. Younger children with an interest in arts and crafts and great literature will enjoy this activity!

Inside Play (limit 12): Play is essential in childhood, especially after a hard day of work. Come play in the Grade 3 room, relax with your friends, and have fun!

Cup/ Speed Stacking (limit 12):  Sharpen your ambidexterity (ability of being equally adapted in the use of both the left and the right hand) skills, eye-hand coordination, and reaction time by using both sides of the brain with cup stacking. Cup stacking is a game that involves stacking 9 or 12 cups in pre-determined sequences as fast as you can. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s brain-training!

Cards and Games (limit 10): Students have the opportunity to engage with a wide variety of fun and educational games. Games include SET, 24, Taboo, Scrabble SLAM, Blurt, and more. These games can help to strengthen vocabulary development, memory, patterns, processing and problem solving.

Computer skill and word processing (limit 10): Students will learn how to use the basic functions of various software programs, such as Word and Powerpoint, to create documents and presentations. Students will also learn how save and retrieve documents, and work between cloud and local storage (as appropriate based on grade).

Swimming Lessons(PAID): Children will learn basic swim strokes, initiation to swimming, picking up objects from the bottom of the pool and treading water for at least 3 to 4 minutes with head out of water, as well as have time to enjoy the pool with their friends.

Tennis (PAID): Students will learn the fundamental basics skills of tennis with well qualified and experienced instructors in a nice and very welcome environment.

Karate (PAID):

Judo (PAID): Students will enjoyed themselves while learning the basics skill of Judo. It is generally categorized as a modern martial art which later evolved into a combat and Olympic sport. Its most prominent feature is its competitive element, where the objective is to either throw or takedown an opponent to the ground, immobilize or otherwise subdue an opponent

Zumba (PAID): This activity will focus on dancing to our favorite songs and also working out. Students will be able to have fun, get to know each other’s, learn two Zumba dances and then have the opportunity to create their own.

After School Care (PAID): Come join After School Care. You have a great opportunity to interact with your friends while waiting for your siblings to finish up with their after-school activities or just waiting for your parents to come and pick you up.